November 27, 2020

Congress writes laws controlling FCC, which controls Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile, which control Apple iPhone & Samsung, which control Apple software & Google, which control that we cannot use communication other than the likes of Twitter.

The First Amendment absolutely does apply to Twitter, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

Someone replied to me: "What? Go create a blog, make a website, text a friend, you can say whatever you want there."

I replied, quite obviously:

I do, but less people read it than your blog because Congress censors my blog. That's my claim, and when you look at it, it becomes plainly obvious that I am right.

There are more Twitter users than those who would read a censored app I would prefer to post on, therefore Twitter is given more power by Congress than such other censored app that I would prefer. Naval Ravikant calls this "network effect".

You say: what about Gab? I say they censored the Gab app. You say, what about Gab using Mastadon's Tootle? I say that's better, but I just learned of it two days ago, whereas Gab's app was already censored and deleted years ago. You say Gab is full of KKK, to which I say, do you see my point? Few people are reading my blog because of Congress; the only people who stuck onto Gab were the KKK types, and I'd rather have an app that has enough filter power to crush KKK to my filters, not pro-KKK Twitter's algos.

I was denied the opportunity to pick from many never published apps or deleted apps that have filters that could crush KKK conversations. I was denied the opportunity to go to a bank and say I can write my own app that would not be censored by Apple and Google because it allows every user to pick their own filters and share those filter lists, because even a fair bank loan officer would properly say that I could not, due to the Terms of Service of the app stores that would be used against me, or more properly, what claim do I have that makes my knowledge unique among the many app writers who could have done similarly and would have received similar treatment?

"Someone else could fight them." Yes, we do, and the ones with that power tend to be crappy at user interfaces and crappy at programming, such as Parler and Gab. The marketplace is crapped upon by the censorship and the result is crap.

"But I don't want to think about it. I was assigned the opinion that the First Amendment does not apply to what Congress does to what I take in from what I read personally." Wait, did you say that, or did you give some version of it where you did not know that Congress was involved?