November 27, 2020

You can't be pro-Obama who was pro-ISIS, shoot a bunch of gays to death in a disco in Florida, tell me they were fat and ugly and drunk and on drugs and in another state and I'm not interested in drugs therefore why should I care, and claim that that makes it OK to kill me because I was gay too despite hating drugs and bars, and expect me not to vote for Trump and campaign for him because of it. That's a length too far. Deal with it!!!

That removes the idea that any 0-sum anti-human anti-Bill-of-Rights anti-USA Deep State is beneficial to human life. There's lots of examples of the Deep State pushing evil and not stopping evil. If they don't even get close to doing what they claim they are there for, then we need our Bill of Rights. But it goes deeper than that: the very theory of the reason of their existence ("to protect us against our will") is against our Bill of Rights; they live in a 0 sum world, whereas the real world is complex and multiplies improvements of individuals.