December 8, 2020

You aren't being a man if you text instead of knock.

Those text messages are not local to the person's home. Those text messages are controlled by computers that can be hacked by our enemies in China and in Deep State. Getting people used to text messages gives them a false sense of security: the next time you hear someone say "I texted you but you never responded", have you ever said "I never received that text message"? That person could be targetted: every text they sent was trashed, changed, or added to by their enemies.

Imagine this text message exchange: "There is a strange person walking around my house. Do you know this person?" They send you an image.

You never get it.

Later you hear that the person was injected with fentanyl and died. Actually, because of the illegal HIPAA law, all you hear is he "passed away young". You just encouraged a murderer to murder him by texting instead of knocking. Be a man. Knock instead of texting. When you can do something local and physical instead of depend on a computer, do the local physical thing.