December 8, 2020

Let's say you are evil and you are China:

If I wanted to prepare people to be victims, I would fake an attack before the real attack.

If you respond by saying "but the first attack was totally fake!", yes, that is the point, they are buttering you up and getting you to let your guard down for the kill. This already happened to many dead people you never knew or used to know.

This does not mean that there are not also cases of mass hysterias such as Scott Adams described today in his "Coffee With Scott Adams". Such a mass hysteria event is not known to be either part of or not part of a preceding guard-attacking attack. Furthermore, you do not know that a mass hysteria about a fake event won't be used by an attacker anyway. But, even worse, people addicted to intermediaries in their "smart"phones will be easy to cause mass hysteria in.