January 18, 2021

Let us start celebrating a new thing that Trump did every single day in the next years and decades until we get another Trump like POTUS and/or legislatures, governors, and Congress. We can tailor the celebrations based not on Trump himself, but what he accomplished, and those working with him accomplished. One version will be published with names, and another version with the same information but with his name taken out, so that we can share it widely and without reprisal from Trump haters.

The Trump haters who recognize that we are referring to things Trump did and talking instead about how great the ideas were will go apoplectic. We can steadfastly refuse to pander to their hatred of great ideas, and we can defend the ideas, not the man. They will say we only like the ideas because Trump did it. We can say they only HATE the ideas because Trump did it, but that's not our topic; our topic is the great ideas.

We can do this every day until we prevail again.