January 17, 2021

A thread about how they mess with us. This is not what most of you have been discussing since most of you are useful idiots of the Fake News.

At the time I wrote this, South Padre Island area of Texas was above freezing and recovering from the freeze, but ERCOT ordered them to shut down their electricity anyway. I edited it for brevity and confidentiality:

I advocate everyone with solar who has no utility power also have fossil backup just until they can afford a WAY big battery setup, and that is not for another few decades for most people; even then, fossil backups with safe exhaust and safe 3 week energy supply just for super long rain storms and other problems that last over 3 weeks.

Texas electricity shutdowns: Must be the Texas "reliability" agency making things unreliable again. "South Padre Island doesn't need it so we will give it to everyone else."

I found out that in 1999, Texas passed a regulation (law?) that required utilities to provide less electricity every year. That is opposite of what utilities are supposed to do. What did you learn?

22 years of a policy requiring utilities to make less electricity available every year finally succeeded.

Person A replied: That was an act to make the system more efficient. Produce less electricity while also trying to get people to use less electricity Of course, we see how well that worked

I replied:
= less electricity when they need it
and less growth
and less economy
and less industry
and less life

Person A: Except with all these new people moving to Texas from other states... A recipe for disaster when a major winter storm happens

Yes Less work, less industry, less money, less economy, less electricity, but at the same time, people want to work, eat, sleep, build homes, build lives, and of course use power hungry computers. Deregulate the electrical utilities is the only answer and encourage people to install fossil fuel backup generators and solar and batteries.

Person A: Texas also deregulated its electric grid. Instead of one company owning the generation, the lines and billing, you have generation owned by one company, the lines owned by another, and all the billing done by third parties

They didn't 100%. That policy that requires less generation and less available electricity is more regulation, not less.

Person A: The [efficiency] act was done by ERCOT themselves, not the state of Texas

Me: [I missed this statement. However, I noticed that anyone that makes those decisions was filled with Beijing University graduates in California.]

Also, I heard just once that the utilities were not allowed to pass on their costs to customers so they just shut down instead. That's not deregulation.

Person A: They shouldn't be allowed to do that, not when spot rates of natural gas hit $999 per MCF (normally $3-5 per MCF)

It's up to customers what they want to pay. Anyway customers should install backups now. Regulation has choked the grid to death.

Person B could not find the regulation I discussed.

EIA Texas State Profile and Energy Estimates

Texas fell for the human depopulation scam that means we should have less humans and more death.

I really didn't want to talk about this, but the [power to what we were watching is out] because they did this.

Person B: I have yet to see any article that backs up that statement

They talk in coded words. I can decode them.

Person B: EESR is designed to save money, improve reliability, and cut emissions. How does that equal cutting power to users? "A national EERS would lower energy costs, reduce air pollution, slow global warming, and improve energy reliability throughout the nation."

Me [giving a random example of what I can decode, or more evidence]:

Here's a doc. I haven't read it yet. NREL State Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: Design, Status, and Impacts

In Table 2, Texas targets are specified as a percent of electricity demand growth. I.e., they must have less growth, which means they will not build sufficient capacity. Rather than demand related, it is supply restricted. If Texas has a sudden need of growth beyond what it was already growing, let's say in industry, weather, or population, then the standards will choke the supply and the demand will not be met. We know Texas has higher population and worse weather. I don't actually know its industrial issues.

It mandates less supply.

If the bank cannot give a loan on the basis of projected growth because a law says that growth will not happen, then the supply diminishes according to regulation, not demand.

Would a bank give a loan for an illegal amount of growth? MAYBE. MAYBE there would be increased unpaid for supply, but I really doubt it. If the generosity of the utilities was bigger than ever, they could pay for increased capacity while simultaneously expecting to have decreased demand, but that is a very unusual situation in real life.

That is untenable, and it kept going unchecked for 22 years without anyone calling foul. Excess regulation choked them. It's time for Texans to get their own backup generators (yes, propane and such) (and follow up with clean energy on their homes like solar, and in a few more decades, home batteries). Industry ditto.

We don't need more efficiency. We need more growth. More AI, more humans, etc. We also need more clean energy, not less.

(That's why I'm a fan of Elon [Musk]. [He advocates more life, and sells energy generation, storage, and use.])

When we get to Mars, those requirements will be obvious to everyone there. No one on Mars will be mandating less energy use and less capacity; they will be building lots of farms and nuclear reactors, instead.


I bet Senator Cruz does not know the above and does not understand it enough to have found it on his own, so he's so useless he might as well go South and be 100% USELESS. Senator Cruz, as much as he tries to be our friend sometimes, is all of the buffoon Trump made him out to be.

"ERCOT Removes Names of Board Members from Site": I bet they did that because they are related to, or are, Beijing University graduates.