Writings thought of June 22, 2021 forgotten in sleep, remembered partially, and written down early morning of June 23, 2021.

Wheelchair ramp vs dynamic self-balancing rolling chair: my generation born after 1970 was told to have less leverage and more license restrictions. I was raised to be smart enough to know how to build a factory that makes those chairs, but I was not allowed to, due to those restrictions against me, and due to baby boomers who supported those restrictions against me. As a result, I was not allowed to do the type of work I'm best at, and the baby boomers stole my money to put up walls against me, literal ramps with bars that get in the way of walking anywhere, to put those who are inferior above and in front of me in every way. My work opportunities were almost nonexistant with the new anti-white-male pro-toxic-feminist movements.

This is about top down control vs individual intelligence. If the free market were allowed to work, cripples would have been free to buy mechanisms that gave them a great life, and non-cripples would have also been allowed to have a great life by allowing them to create businesses that match the market demands. However, because of heavy taxes and restrictions on business, instead we have none of that prosperity, and everything is built wrong, cast in concrete and steel all the wrong ways. The energy, material, and pollution expenditures have been uniformly to attack white males and take our money and abilities and use them against us, all for no benefit to anyone. There are not blacks now inventing and profiting from self-balancing wheelchairs, and no free crippled people able to go anyplace with those chairs.