Draft, but I might not get to finishing this. Thoughts made Monday morning March 21, 2022, written Tuesday evening, and edited Wednesday morning. Going to publish wide Wednesday March 23, 2022.

Many, maybe most, Trump supporters are pro-Ukraine, and wished and wish to directly stop Putin's war forces from going in Ukraine, and I believe that this is most likely what Trump would have done long ago, too.

There has been a fake news narrative that Trump supporters and many Republicans are pro-Putin. Some weak main stream media watching versions of Trump supporters mistakingly believed the Democrat propaganda about this and are siding with a fake reality that doesn't exist.

What many of the rest of Trump supporters think is similar to what the prior President of the United States thought: that we should be strong, and use that strength sparingly. Using strength sparingly means using strength for things that matter, for instance, stopping Russia invading Ukraine, but not dragging the war on in such a way that Ukrainians get killed in massive numbers and start a prolonged quagmire that the Democrats and many old timers want to get involved in. We should have helped the Ukrainians swiftly with force when this first happened. That is the Trump way, and the way of much of his supporters, but further, this policy of sparingly used strength also means that it can be used in an unpredictable way, keeping the thugs on their toes and afraid of doing the wrong thing, which is what Trump did, and would have prevented this war in the first place had he been in office again. That is at least two layers better than the Democrats, and possibly three, if you count that a quagmire can cost many good people a lot of things, and you are already seeing some of that with the proposed propping up of Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, and increasing attacks against freer people of the world coming out of Iran. (Ditto China.)

Some links to explain this to you:

Trump interview with Full Send's Nelk, where he talked a lot: https://thedeskofdonaldtrump.com/icymi-full-send-podcast-with-donald-j-trump-march-9-2022/ or BitTorrent link (requires DHT): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:12F0C6E0BBF3D011DB46218C8FBF579AA8C18FBB

Strength sparingly used unpredictably principle of Trump and many others in the past, explained:


So far, the Democrats and main stream media have been very voiceful about how there is a tragedy going on in Ukraine and expressed support of Ukraine. In fact, the government seems to be helping a little, sending at least enough help to Ukraine to keep the Russians busy at war. But what the Democrats have not committed to is ending the war swiftly by going in with sparing strength that wipes out great proportions of their forces in leveraged manners.

Thank God that Democrats have been told to support Ukraine. I am really glad that they do. But I feared that if they knew Trump supporters were also in favor of Ukraine, that would turn the Democrats away from supporting Ukrainians.

The constant "grown up" propaganda from the Democrats is to feel sorry for Putin, to treat him like a rabid animal, to try not to upset him, and generally to do everything he says, except for helping the Ukrainians just enough, maybe in order not to look like hypocrites, and maybe just enough to keep those from all political spectrums that want something pro-Ukraine done happy, but I haven't fully figured this out yet, except to note that constant pressure on our government has been effective at pushing us to do more good.

Ukraine wants to persue life, have independence, and grow up to become a nation of normal humans embracing all of life. That is apparently a lot of what they have realized over the last few decades. What Russia wants is to erase all the people who wish to persue a pro-life agenda of self motivation and destiny. Ukraine wants independence, but Russia wants slavery. The independence agenda is essentially a pro-life agenda, and the slavery agenda is essentially an anti-life agenda.

We have been seeing posts of people talking about interviews of people out of Mariupol talking about people being forcibly removed from Mariopol and sent to distant camps in Russia. I think this sounds like concentration camps.

Some (but not all) Israelies got "insulted" that what's happening in Ukraine is being compared to Germany and the Jews. But if what I fear might be happening, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of freedom loving Ukrainians being genetically wiped out by Russia, then if those Israelies want to have the only seat at the table with this history, then the Israelies are trying to become Ukraine holocaust deniers, essentially leaving the idea that Ukraine's people should be genetically cleansed and that we are only allowed to care about Israelies from now on. I for one say that if they insist on pushing this thought, that removes Israel from my further compasion. This reaction from Israel is already two days old, so by now those of us explaining the situation to them might have gotten them to stir from their brainwashing and realize what's possibly really going on. Edit: Now after review, I see this is what happened: Zelensky operated at the speed of war, and some Israelies were not accustomed to that speed, yet revealed a tendency among SOME of them that they wish us not to remember the holocost and apply the recognition of horror of that concept to others at the same time (to which I say, chose: have us forget your WWII holocost so we can learn how to decry Ukraine holocost (using a new word I haven't had timeshare to learn), or acknowledge the Ukraine holocost (using a new word you select) and we won't remember the old holocost since it has its own word in that worldview); that choice is absurd, and should be seen as such. Please grow up. We in USA helped both Japan and Germany after WWII despite they being our primary enemies at the entry to WWII, and we have spent way too much money on Israel if they are going to intervene to withhold our love from those who really need it. And yes, I need similar words for the holocost against Ungars and Falun Gong (over a million dead, maybe much more) in China and those being delivered fentanyl in USA (over a million dead). I spent mindshare learning that word, and if I'm not allowed to use it, then let's stop using my mindpower for a word I'm not allowed to use in any more in modern times.

I was supposed to write this two days ago (morning of March 21, 2022), but got a cold and tired too much, so forced myself to write it now (afternoon of March 22, 2022). A lot of the wording I thought of two days ago is lost to me now, so this could have been done a lot better, but I pushed this out anyway since it is so important. Edit: and I continue to be sick, so this is still inferior to what I thought to say Monday, but as I said, war happens in real time, so I cannot delay posting any longer.