There are only some true facts, and everything else is false. Quantum uncertainty still has quantifiable facts in math and probabilities, and facts of observation and effects.

However, we might not know the facts. Our understanding of facts is both probabilistic and resource intensive to accomplish knowing. So, we develop approximations, and base this on developed foundations and buildup of our knowledge through time, and tie it together with thought, wisdom, etc.

While these can form opinions, a person cannot decide what a fact is; they can only research what the fact might be. And some opinions are not equally valid to other opinions; all opinions are merely relevant respecting facts, and can be more wrong or right than other opinions, especially apparent when measuring them compared to our best understanding of better understood facts.

Truth thus is the preeminant view of the world, not mysticism, nor postmodernism.

One of the elements of living well is bettering oneself, improving oneself, and bettering and improving one's conditions, surroundings, relationships, known people, physics and nature around them, and all of the elements of life and existence. To do so, one has to compare a better thing to a worse thing in order to decide to do the better thing. To do so, one has to make judgements.

All of this opposes the Catholic Church, which seeks to eliminate truth, improvement, and judgement. That is compatible with the Catholic Church's method of mobism, murder, corruption, theft, immorality, and the selling of full forgiveness. All of these problems are rooted in the primary failure of the Catholic church, giving full forgiveness, which then allows any immorality, any crime, any bad thing, without punishment, and leads to the rest of the evil.

I propose the Catholic Church abolish absolute forgiveness. They can replace it with minimal forgiveness, since a tiny bit of forgiveness has to happen when someone is in the process of betterment. (This abolishment would constitute a rather major reform of the religion, but the core principle of abolishing absolute forgiveness would naturally progress to solving most of the rest of the ills of the Catholic Church, if they do not relapse on the absolute forgiveness issue, so as long as that initial first step is taken and holds, the rest will probably naturally follow from the intentional reviews that happen as a result of this tapestry of the evil of the Catholic Church being undone.)