The government is up to something nefarious with evacuation orders again. It started with Paradise, California, where they didn't put the fire out quickly, rather having the homes burn and people be evacuated on road diet roads that trapped hundreds of people in the fire to their deaths, and forbid the people to rebuild homes there, blaming them for being home owners. Then they evacuated San Lorenzo Valley and the surrounding areas for the fires there that they also were slow to put out and let burn wild til they could charge a lot for a major fire fighting operation, letting homes burn rather than putting the fires out, once again forbidding people to rebuild on their own property unless they go through YEARS of regulation that never existed when their original homes were built. People who abided by their property rights and stayed at their homes were able to save their homes from burning, for the most part, and those that left lost their homes, for the most part.

Now they've gone to the next level, evacuating people because it is raining. There was a hint of it when they closed roads because of snow and had a ready army of companies to block every single road into the hills that they never had before, but now the communist government is trying to be dictator and remove property rights, forbidding people to own anything or have a home. They also continued a campaign of cutting coastal redwoods (that don't feed burning fires well) and other tall trees, which removes weather and noise attentuation and removes natural buffers from noise, rain, and wind. This is happening at the same time street lamps have been put in, medians are being filled with concrete curbs and fences, and sidewalks with metal fences are being put in.

This is all new, and completely wrong. The young 19 year old boy they had reporting on the local TV station that had slavery-type Apple ipod earbugs in his ears probably doesn't even remember what it is like to own property, maintain it, and be free of pression, and looks gay enough to be a prostitute in Russia.

Governor Newsom declared a State of Emergency, probably giving him those police state powers that he should never have. We have 8" of rain in 1.5 weeks. That does not constitute an emergency! Even the county governments only predict minor flooding, probably in flood zones that are accustomed to it.