My theory on Gaza: “You get what you pay for.” USA and others have been funding terrorism, so the terrorists oblige. The billionaire leaders of Hamas, for instance, sit in their far-away castles eating cake, ordering Hamas soldiers to go kill people, and then Hamas orchestrates aid campaigns, to get funding from USA, and several other aid organizations, often via UN, etc. They get a huge amount of money for killing people. We get what we pay for. I say we stop voting to spend our tax money on paying the terrorists (“helping the people of Gaza” is what it's billed as in the paperwork), and then the terrorism will devolve to not happening.

Yes, I used some fancy words in my statement above. By “devolve”, I do really mean they've bred several of their people to just be terrorists. Much of their families are evil and useless. No one is equal. Occasionally some may be born that are less good at terrorism than others. When we stop paying for terrorism, some of the terrorist-only people may just do it for free, but some of the less good at it may say “hey, you're not paying me any more to be a terrorist”, and just go do something else. That's what I mean by devolved: devolved from being terrorists. Some may still be stuck in terrorism, so they still need to be eliminated. But if we stop paying for it, and we eliminate the terrorists, the problem will simply go away by law of economics and evolution. It's that simple.

The mistake would be forgiving the terrorists. I know many churches want to do that. Some churches make profit from the strife and murder, each to their own extent and methodology; I'm thinking mostly one of the main churches that likes to forgive the most gets the most money from those hierarchical systems of “forgiveness” (really: theft and terrorism). But we don't have to be subject to religion and church in USA, so let's not do that forgiveness and support of terrorists and terrorism that has often been done in the past. Let's not forgive the terrorists, let's not let the terrorists go, and let's not let the terrorists live. It's time to end this cycle of terrorism. Stop paying for terrorists, and eliminate the terrorists, and tell the churches that make money off of terrorism to take a hike, get lost, go away.

I still think it's that simple.

P.S., in addition to direct payments and UN organizations, Iran mullahs are one of the avenues of USA and others paying for terrorism that we must eliminate. I left it out of the above discussion since I didn't want to distract from the main point: we pay for terrorism, so we get it; if we are better than that (and most voters are), then we should vote to stop funding terrorism, which means we need to vote to stop sending aid to Gaza, Iran, and UN.

Written November 11, 2023.