I've learned very little from Coronavirus.

April 22, 2020

Naval Ravikant says stop depending on Twitter. I've been saying the same thing before I saw him say it. Ok, here I am following my own and his advice. Here goes.

I've learned very little from Coronavirus. The main thing I learned is that even though I've known I've been right all along, I learned that even harder. These are some of the main things that keep being brought up:

Ground all airplanes and dock all boats. The reason is they unnecessarily spread too much badness (invasion of disease and invasion of people). Tourism is not a zero sum game: it is a negative sum, and we are all worse off as people for being sick one week per year and exhausted 3 months per year just because of additional sickness because of mass high speed travel and boats, as well as fighting people who do not share our standards and that quietly steal our livelihoods with no recourse. Quarantine people for a fortnight before and a fortnight after every plane and long distance boat ride, and each person stay in their own isolated chamber in the plane or boat not sharing anything: no toilet, no air, no condiments, etc. Only allow airplane and boat people movement for one way moves; no round trip or excursion tourism via air or boat. Freight pilots would need the same quarantine rules. No exceptions for government or military. If you are hired to kill someone via air force, go kill them but stay in your plane. Quarantine before takeoff if you can, and definitely quarantine if you're shot down. For ground troops, quarantine before deployment IF YOU CAN; you often can't; and quarantine before coming back for sure. I bet military is halfway there already since they already halfway treat soldiers. Go the rest of the way. Note that planes are communist: they trespass our property. A true capitalism for planes would leverage Internet and have every air flight negotiate with every landowner they fly over via computer programs. But just because we could use free markets for plane movement in the air doesn't mean we shouldn't have a very minor amount of medical intervention: Government needs to oppress fast biological movement, that is, until biology finds a way to cause itself to spread via the Internet more than fast air transit. Note that biology already does spread via Internet: gene read, posted genes, gene printing and CRISPR to install. How long before viruses and bacteria breed to intentionally use Internet to spread? Do they already? Are they right now? But people package a lot of bio sickness; just stop that unnecessary high speed travel. No StarShip unless you're moving. You can move to Mars or move to the other side of the continent, but you must quarantine either way, and never for tourism. If you want to learn about somewhere else, study on a computer first and interview your friends and other people, and when you're ready to get the hell out of an oppressive part of your country, plan a full one way move.

To transition, have all who titled the flight of any air travel pay back all taxes ever spent by anyone anywhere over the last few centuries by planes. Have it paid back at a monthly adjusted rate that equals paying it all off in one decade. I'm ok if the cost of a plane ticket is one million dollars and that means you don't get to move to another continent. Eventually the prices will settle down and a plane ticket to move to the other side of the continent will be a couple weeks of pay, which you can easily pay for while working while in quarantine for the plane ride in the first place.

Close all borders. Same rules as for planes: only allow moves. No tourism. “Tourism” has been a lie used by globalists to resettle their “immigrant” soldiers that break down our ability to all speak one language and get along well socially and economically and keep power brokers in check. Let the Internet spread English to the whole world; fight the globalists' insistence that we keep speaking many different languages everywhere. The faster we all speak one language worldwide, the faster we will all get along and the sooner our borders will be more to prevent biowar than soldierwar.

I've been saying and tweeting for years that we should abolish medical regulation (at least any of our current medical regulations). First and foremost, we must manage our healthcare. That means us citizens must manage it, not some dark “other” or “they” that you can think of trying to sort of imagine; we personally need to manage it ourselves. To manage something, it has to be measured. We must measure it. To measure it, we must be allowed to communicate it. We have USA Constitution's First Amendment, meaning we can do that. We must gossip about and collate the health data of everyone in our region that we ever come in contact with. That must be public knowledge, stored by us in our own databases that we can look up and learn about everyone's health issues that we are ever in contact with. Gossip about health issues is mandatory. Without gossip about everyone's health issues being fully public data in our own built databases, we cannot manage it, and our health WILL be attacked by everything: war, invaders, illnesses, viruses, murderers, corruption, theft, EVERYTHING. We must shine the light of sun on ALL our health data. HIPAA laws that make it a “felony” to talk about health data are AGAINST THE FIRST AMENDMENT, and that's as it should be: abolish HIPAA. Abolish the whole damn thing. We have a citizen right AND need to gossip loudly and proudly with full data tracking of the health issues of others. And any right and need us citizens have, we mandate our government to allow us to do. There is no grounds on which to claim we should allow censorship of health data, outcomes, and studies. The only people who ever pushed for hiding health data are those who wish to conduct evil: war, invaders, murderers, corruption, theft, etc. Just as one example that borders on being a trope, suppose a drug company exec decided to be an immoral murderous thief and sicken people for profit: they would definitely prefer all that health data be hidden; our First Amendment says we can never be forced to let them. Or another more basic example: suppose lots of children in our area were being murdered by drug dealers with poison called “opiates”: right now, that is classed as “mental disease” and more funding goes to institutional counseling departments. But if we did not fear releasing health data about others, we would find out, for instance, Jane Gimberly overdosed from some opiate. Then, everyone who gossips about Jane Gimberly would say “Jane talked about never taking opiates, because that's stupid.” Then someone would speak up and say “I saw Maurice Pimper going down the hall the opposite direction you last saw Jane Gimberly go toward the bathroom.” “The bathroom where she was found dead?” “Yes.” “But I heard Jane say she'll never use a public bathroom ever.” “I saw Maurice Pimper with a bag full of needles.” We can use that gossip to start an official investigation and that way, we can remove Maurice Pimper from society PERMANENTLY and never allow him to murder anyone else again. But if our health data is kept secret, then we never have that conversation about Maurice Pimper, and if anything, the smartest people figure out to fear Mr. Pimper and not only can he murder for hire but he can be powerful. That is not what our First Amendment is about at all.

Get rid of hospitals. Allow doctors to respond directly to where you are at. We are learning that it is being outlawed for ambulances to save people with no heart beat. If ambulances are no longer allowed to revive people with heart attacks, then there is no reason for ambulances and hospitals in most cases. Time to bring that home and stop with the whole hospital and ambulance thing, since they have failed to save us from the most basic thing of a heart attack. Hospitals are just central ways to spread disease and malfeasance.

Mass transit is a bad idea in every way. You get exposed to all sorts of ills: disgusting sick people that make you ill. You cannot get anywhere on time. You cannot plan a route with high efficiency: you just can't get anything done. It takes two days to complete one task on mass transit if that task requires going only one place. In a car, you can do 15 things in the same amount of time, or you can use the car's efficiency to trade off allowing you to work in addition to doing about 3 tasks per day.

Sports are communist. Sports are all about being a mob cheering on blacks killing each other in a coliseum. We were brainwashed that Football is “All American” and “USA” by communist mass television; football coliseums in USA were created by television, and harken to days of awful dictatorship in past coliseums, everything USA is against. My father was there when it happened at Stanford University, and I think that's why he punched his coach in the face and got booted from the team (likely after the television ran his fumble numerous times over and over, one of the first television replays in history due to the new videotape technology). Also, my father knew football causes brain damage and told everyone not to do it. There is not much more racist, evil, and anti-USA than Football. Television lies to you because television broadcast is not accessible to citizens to refute it and therefore it gets taken over by liars; the same for newspaper and broadcast radio. It quickly rotted and got taken over by liars and thieves. Lying and destruction are some of the only leverage thieves have against us during an age of tech that can now catch most of their lies and thievery if we apply the tech.

The need to physically meet in person for work or school is insane. There is no need to drive two hours to work and three hours back every day just to sit in some dingy poorly ventilated horribly lit ugly depressing ominous office in a dirty urban area just to “share ideas” or be around the boss. I've known this since the 1970s. This used to be ridiculously hard to explain to people. Now, finally, in early 2020, I don't have to explain it to anyone. To an archeologist that finds this document: look up working and learning from home during Coronavirus of 2019-2020.

Chinese export boats, factories including cement manufacturing, bad forest management, deforestation through burning, planes, trucks, cars all create massive pollution. Obviously some of those things have been really useful to us. We still use concrete to build home and shop foundations and industrial buildings. We still use cars to get around. We still use trucks to ship food and materials. However, we don't have to be stupid. Every weekend my whole life with few exceptions, the sky got clearer. Obviously, that's because we were driving less. The taxi strike, the bus strike in NYC both showed us that less pollution is great and it can be achieved by just shutting down all buses and taxies in that city. Weekends (and now Coronavirus) prove to us that shutting down massive car travel cleans up our skies. But there's a less restrictive way to do that: use electric vehicles THAT THEN ALLOW US TO use photovoltaic solar panels to charge those cars during the day. (Stop charging cars at night. Charge them from solar panels during the day.) We can't decree that today that everyone must obey overnight. We can't punish people for owning cars just because maybe some power broker wants to use scare tactics to get more power. But what we can do is transition smartly to being solar panel owners and electric car owners. Yes, petrodollar and electric utilities fight back, but as we saw yesterday, their power is limited. Logic and sanity can win out. Don't buy a Tesla because you like Elon Musk and you like brainwashing via television; instead, consider getting an electric pickup or truck or car or whatever you can afford WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO and WHEN IT FITS YOUR NEEDS. That will be soon enough. Being politically opposed to electric vehicles is just insane. You might be dead by the time you can properly afford an electric vehicle that fits your needs if you are already 60 years old. But if you are younger, you can easily afford an appropriate electric vehicle for you sometime in your lifetime as the used electric vehicles get invented, manufactured, marketed, sold, bought, used, and then sold again on the used market. That is coming. No need to fight it, and no need to rush it. Just let it happen. Help it happen if you can, and otherwise, it will naturally replace awful oil cars. Oil is still good for many technical chemicals, so let's save it for those things and stop using it for transportation and energy. We're already going through rather destructive means to get at some of our oil these days, which is a good way to stop some evil oil empires from forming, but it also means we should slow down our oil use to stop pollution and environmental destruction. We needed to overpower the evil empires of communism when Trump came in office which is why he increased oil exports, but we also need to put solar panels in our yards and on our roofs and buy electric cars if we can afford to. Trump bought us the time to build electric cars and solar panels and install solar on our homes and in our yards. Now let's do it. We all need to be farmers and own our land and our production. This is supposed to be capitalism and freedom, not communism. (As Joe Getty says, the supercomputer of individuals thinking for themselves in parallel is far superior to any centralized control system.)