Free Speech and Morals:

June 3, 2020

The way I see everything, if it's OK in a small town or in a town of a rural area, then it's OK for everyone else. In a small town and in a rural area, you can say what you want, but people know who you are. That's how nature built us. There is no such thing as anonmity.

Therefore, if someone dresses in a non-descript way, and is not individually identifiable in a mob, such as someone who comes out of a car and murders someone on the sidewalk and then leaves, then a law can be created against that anonimity. It's OK to identify who that person was. Baby Boomers invented the idea of anonimity being a good thing. Yes, I know, debauchery did it in the middle ages around the time of Mozart, according to the movies, and probably in real life somewhere. But in civil society, we have no need for anonimity in physical affairs. In fact, anonimity is evil. It allows too much evil, and makes it too hard to catch murderers and thieves.

We need to go back to freedom of speech: the First Amendment, which allows us to point fingers, to identify criminals, to say out loud what other people have done and what has happened to other people. Free Speech means we can have no law against telling someone the status of someone's health. There is no such thing as Health Privacy, according to the First Amendment. However, there also is no such thing as requiring anonymity according to the First Amendment.

Most of the moral directions that the Baby Boomers took were taken by the behest of Chairman Mau, the multi-hundred-million person murderer, with his soldier, spy, military networks in USA. Baby Boomers were slowly convinced that many immoral China First anti-USA policies were the right way to do things. This has continued to sicken us. All of that can be thrown out as wrong and corrupt. Don't assume anything Baby Boomers did was sacracint. Question all of it. And we can restore USA.