Love versus Communist Fake Borg Soldiers

July 5, 2020, California, USA:

Here I respond to Scott Adam's position that it is harder to win an election by influencing those who think heritage and culture of USA are bad for them by saying we should have more of our USA heritage and culture. The following link is the video Periscope I originally tweeted in response to, in which Scott responded to responses to his statement that Trump's July 3, 2020 speech was not so good influencing for the above reason:

Coffee with Scott Adams, July 5, 2020 link to Periscope

Your suggestion of replacement campaigning for what made our country great and what we should protect (its heritage, culture, and constitution) sounded like the dark evil Obama speeches that always sounded like crappy versions of baby boomer excuses to me.

As soon as we give in to apologizing for who or what we are and attempt to make speech that conforms to that, we sound mealy mouthed with weak long convoluted illogical sentences. Trump said it perfect at Mount Rushmore. Stop giving ground to the communists at war against USA.

(Lawyerly "careful" weak words are almost universally lies, and automatically repulsive to most mature people. If anyone studying history in the future doesn't know what I'm talking about, the second Clinton POTUS candidate campaign (2016 election) showed us that very well.)

Communists have been trying to destroy our common USA language for over SEVENTY YEARS. Never let them. If we can't talk, we might as well give up. That's why we have the First Amendment. It's better for us to retake our language and use it to convince our people than divide our people by language that dark divisive Democrats have been doing in concert with COMMUNISTS.

It's the completely selfless person who says they will make their life worse by making other peoples' lives worse. It is the completely selfish person who says they will make their life better by making other peoples' lives better, and spread that infectious idea throughout the world for the betterment of everyone around them and themselves. That's USA.

WORDS MEAN SOMETHING. Without being able to use them, society dies. Don't let evil use the excuse of limited resources to implement dark death communism thinking they know everything that's better for you while using far fewer brains than all the brains on the planet.

Communists have been attacking our language for a long time. They said "generalizations are bad", yet generalizations are NECESSARY for conversation. They have attacked all the words we need to have any logical conversation. They even attack logic and reason itself.

Communists claim language is not innocent, yet what they actually do is attack our language at every turn to make sure we cannot use any language to communicate. They are strategically attacking our language simply to remove our ability to communicate, and nothing else. Communists coopt real issues and corrupt them for their own needs. The guy who accidentally drove over some BLM rioters in Seattle while legally driving on I-5 in the last few days was black, and the BLM weirdos who stupidly got in the way of designated traffic lanes were white. BLM is not about ending racism against blacks. It never was as far back as I can remember. BLM is about anti-USA war. Maybe communists stole the idea of racism and twisted it to their own needs. But one can't logically say that BLM is an anti-racist or pro-USA organization. Indeed, we can't even logically say BLM is solving racism. BLM is against solutions and for divisiveness.

We can solve global pollution problems today by getting rid of permit fees and regulations against solar power and electric storage batteries and electric vehicles, yet the communist-led Democrats vote consistently for more anti-solar regulations and taxes, anti-battery regulations and taxes, and anti-electric-vehicle regulations and taxes. We can solve the out of control burning of forests within a generaetion, but communist-led Democrats pass laws and enforce regulations that are against stopping out of control forest fires. Every real topic the communists adopt they corrupt and go against the real topic, using it as a wedge, and never ever solving it. Try solving any of their supposed topics for real, and they will attack you until the end of the Earth because they know you will reveal them for the frauds they are and violate the lack of communication they want you to have and violate the ability to lie that they want for themselves. They are totally corrupt. And yes, they try to innoculate that accusation by claiming we are doing the things THEY are doing.

"Resource contention" as an excuse to impose evil communism is calculated to be a total evil lie. That's why we always fight against it. All my life I've realized words mean something, and I only stand with those who agree to use our language, not attack language.

Math tells us that everyone doing what's best for them is helping each other make the best of our situation, building better farms and happy natural people. There's plenty of work to go around. The result is better than a sum of communist evil parts. This is best achieved by individuality working for the best tools that help us, building upon foundations of peace and prosperity through our competitive yet cooperative "capitalist" yet free to think and decide system.

(In case anyone thinks I'm forgetting about our future, farms include solar, and people eventually includes cyborgs and evolved beings.)

I don't want to elect people who think USA excellence is a joke. If someone says USA excellence is a bad system or not a good goal in any way, I will almost surely suspect they are against us.

The dark divisive path the Democrats are on converting to communism and becoming their useful idiots is one that very few humans out of the total will want to do once they see what it really means. They can divide out, and we will see the light of success and love.

The dark divisive destructive "Democrat" speeches Obama gave were instantly repulsive to most logical people. That same reaction was almost the same for Bush, Clinton, and Bush, but Clinton hid it better. (I'm referring to the POTUS's, not the POTUS candidates -- I can't believe another Clinton and another Bush ran for POTUS!!! That's bloody INSANE.)

Situations are usually fluidic. I think Trump's likely making culture and heritage ok again for the whole country. I'm not including anti-USA soldiers and their supporters; for that group, they legitimately see USA as being devisive against our dark enemy, which is what we should do. We can take back our language and use it as a language rather than have speech and life eliminated from us. If in so doing we also reveal those who are our mortal enemies, then we can take them out, each at the appropriate level. The rules in war are to win, and we're fighting for the best most loving most logical reasoned system of life the world has ever known. I'll appropriately partially excuse your failings if you agree about winning the loving pro-life part if we help each other get there together. I presume I'll do the same for myself.

Those who have more speech power are more willing to give up the speech of others. I noticed this with Armstrong and Getty Show, Scott Adams, Democrats, and GOP. Jack Armstrong even mentioned this point a few times from his perspective. Often what we have we don't remember as clearly the want of.

Meanwhile, while we are having the above conversation, and despite our laggard pace, I note that the people of our country came together without permission and without government consent or Democrat direction or our timely quip in a strong show of unity last night on Independence Day celebration of 2020 and put up the best fireworks displays ever against our oppressive communist corrupted government that banned them. People who have heritage and culture from USA, Mexico, and Asia were among them, and we celebrated with them. Maybe truth is uncomfortable, but humans always strive to be free so they can do the best. While we sometimes are suboptimal, we mostly continue along the path toward what's good for us. That somehow some evil people decided evil is good is something we must extinguish.

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