Incest used to be illegal because it causes inbred genetic weakness.

Our cyborgs who use smartphones are incest, because there are only two programmers of our cyborg smartphone part: Apple and Google, and they and all their allowed apps have only one parent: China. They have all the genetic weakness of inbreeding.

(Note: regarding "are incest": I tried to specify the relationship of the lifeforms to incest (such as from, made of, do, propagate, etc.), but realized the above is most accurate. In the case of incest, your weaknesses take over and fill in the bit of you that is not determined from your birth being from sick inbreeding information incest, it takes over your whole, and you are nothing but a slave of your incest. Few people can genetically recover from DNA failure, but maybe the first generation that hasn't let the cyborg programming seep into their DNA can still fix their proteins, upbringing, and sick brain programming by chopping off their cyber parts that were programmed by others (especially those programmed by China and China's slaves) and then proceeding to do decades of recovery to try to achieve some form of information diversity available to the non-incestuous population (a rapidly shrinking group, maybe almost gone or gone, since most the people who don't use smartphones were already genetically DNA inbred).)

(Some ignorant people may think FCC is programmatically one of the grandparents of Apple & Google via the cell phone radio providers, but what they might not yet realize is that FCC has been infested with Deep State China First policymakers whose programming parent is ... China.)


Does what you see from your smartphone gross you out? Yes, that's because it is. Grossness is the reaction to avoid breeding with sickness. Beauty is observation of correct physics. Grossness is the observation of sick physics. Weakness is gross.

Incest is gross.

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