Saturday August 29, 2020

If ever the sim is winking, "Sandman", and then "Rittenhouse". Ridden house. Rid them. Protect the house. As written (see the attached Pierce Bainbridge document*). And Sandman with the nice Indian with sleepy eyes and dreams. This Scott Adams winking thing is ... absurdly enticing. But I caution confirmation bias. I explain:

People are named after what they are good at. Last names take that meaning. Hereditarily, genetically, through family lineage, teaching, and business fit, the last name of a person is likely to be like their abilities, and this continues to feed on itself for thousands of years.

The great works of people trained with ten thousand years of evolution make up our great peoples. Too often that is discounted. We toil hard to learn and become great. (Too many do not. They are among those that we must fight.) (Race shouldn't have anything to do with it, but because of the Teachers' Unions, teachers' racism is genocidal and one of the biggest crimes against humanity ever conducted.)

Thus, this may not be a simulation winking at us so much as just natural hereditary abilities of men so named for their recognized skills coming to fore. We therefore are not stuck to a sim, but can take the sum of our forebearers and build upon their foundations! We are not limited to some preconceived preordained proscription of life! We can continue to improve and learn given our great beautiful lives! (Of course, we must survive the foreign armies that attack us.)

Pierce Bainbridge statement: Page 1 of 3, Page 2 of 3, & Page 3 of 3.