September 12, 2020

The mask mandates are outdated by two months. The pandemic is over and has been for two months. The "shutdowns" are communist attacks on our existence and killing more of us than COVID. Zelenko protocols NOW to stop any latent spread to fat and elderly people, as preventions and cures.

The "shutdowns" violate the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. You do not have to follow them, but that will not stop communist police forces from attacking you. Be polite to the police, tell them that you were not aware of any legal mandate to be shut down, and do not argue with them. But if you are police, don't enforce illegal orders, and don't "decide" that illegal anti-4th Amendment shutdown orders are "not illegal". And if you DO go to jail for any of this, DO NOT admit to violating any law, BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAW TO SHUT YOU DOWN DUE TO THE 4TH AMENDMENT, and fight it all the way to the supreme court. If the government charges you money for the case, ask for all the waivers AND GO AFTER ALL THE POLITICIANS ATTACHED TO THAT GOVERNMENT TO PUT THEM IN JAIL.

End public schools though because they have been teaching anti-white genocide.