September 25, 2020

@wirelessguru1 The anti-USA forces (monarchists, CCP, "communists", "anarchists", ISIS, "Democrats", etc.) love to use useful idiots. Do you really think all the useful idiots are on the commie side? Bible Thumpers, Never Trumpers, Deep State, "Globalists", "Free Trade" (free trade for China but not for USA citizens, not exactly free trade) are all useful idiots of a pretend "opposition" side, but they are all from the same strategic source of intentional anti-USA idiotry. The thing you identified (which a lot of us currently have in filter lists so I won't name it directly) is yet another lopped on that list. What exactly do you think "free trade" means when it means we are not allowed to work (anti-work anti-business anti-citizen regulations) but CCP members are allowed to trade instead (what I refer to as the China First policy)?

Remember the missing things: Weekly Standard had to run and hide when Trump was elected. Why? Because they could not stand the shining of sunlight on their operations. Why? Because they promoted the China First policy, a type of "free trade" that was only free for China and not free trade for any USA citizens born after 1970 (neatly hiding this experience from Baby Boomers who were in power at the time and might have rebelled). This becomes obvious as Trump reveals truth to us by just shining sunlight on things, and the rats in Weekly Standard chopped up shop really really fast when they realized they could get caught being that out in the open, so they hid deeper. It's not just card-carrying communists and card-carrying pro-ISIS Democrats that are useful idiots: it is all of the anti-USA forces that have existed.

One of the things that the commies taught me was to "open my mind", but back then they weren't 100% infested in all of our institutions, so they failed to "redirect my mind to only consider their ideas". Well, I kept my mind open. So open, in fact, that I consider all possibilities, including the truth, not just that which is untrue. This has helped me to see their evils. The Uniparty has been complicit with the anti-USA forces!

P.S., our Constitution sought to reduce the application of the term "Treason" to not be used against normal dissent, and indeed enshrined that concept in the First Amendment. However, go look at the definition. It sure does allow capital punishment of those who aided and abetted our (USA's) enemies. That's why they needed to work so hard to brainwash so many of us using computers and fake news to get this far. At some point, a clean sweep could actually get rid of them and they'd be set back or gone for decades or more. They deliberately went slow just to avoid that. That's also why they are so willing to group up into treason-causing groups like Biden-Obama-Brennan and protect their own: they've been in on this for a LONG TIME and planning it for a long time.

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Neo (@wirelessguru1@Gab.Com), September 25, 2020 11:14AM PDT

Have you noticed that Q zealots just like the MSM are mostly silent about #VOTERFRAUD !

In contrast both Trump and I are always talking about it...

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