September 25, 2020

The idea that teenagers are too stupid to think is obscure. The only reason they make bad decisions is that they're taught wrong and have no opportunity for any experience to the contrary. That doesn't get better with age by itself. It gets better by them learning they were lied to by communists. The core problem is not young people at all. In fact, if we make sure young people are not lied to because of the requirement for communist government schools, then they would be mature enough we can change the laws of investing, business, and taxes, and allow them to start businesses (allow them to make contracts, and remove requirements for licenses) at 15, fully taxed regardless of family support, and then the people by 18 will be as vibrant a citizen as any, probably smarter and more logical than most despair generation baby boomers ever were.

But you take the same kids, export their grandparents' jobs, import illegal alien slave classes that hate us and speak a different language (until Trump fixed some of that and they don't hate us as much), put license requirements for all business they can never obtain due to being the wrong skin color (I'm not just talking about non-whites), remove all the dependable local owned industries of strength, deny the dream of land ownership and zone away the right to own land and buy a house at a decent price while allowing foreigners to buy everything up, forbid them from working, forbid them from thinking for themselves by threat of immediate murder, and brainwash them with anti-human communism, then yes, a 15 year old from that system will not be a good voter. They won't be good for much at all, except looking down while looking at Dick Cook's iPhone or Android (same thing), maybe dressing for some slave act, and expecting nothing good and allowing nothing good. Prior generations handled such mistreatment worse: millions of them are dead from murder or "overdose" having lived less than half their life free of the bondage of guardians and compulsory communism training in grade school. The younger generations at least understand their position as a slave class, living as slaves, looking pretty, being compliant, being pliable only for plunder by the disgusting elites and disgusting government. That teenager isn't a good citizen until 30, and for a growing number of them, never.

The "developing mind" study is another misinformation from this same communist centralist government push: not only was the study debunked by showing those older than 25 still have developing minds, but the framing of that study was all wrong; minds need to develop to learn and grow into new tasks, like being citizens, starting businesses, owning land, growing families, and voting. Once a mind stops developing, it dies. That study to me meant that no one over 25 should ever start a family or start a business, the exact opposite of the conclusion of the framers of the study. But even that part of the study was wrong: adults still have developing minds. Leave it to communists to lie and then be opposite.

Most of this communism is outlawed by USA's Bill of Rights in our country. Use the Bill of Rights. Don't ask for permission.