October 14, 2020

I haven't seen anything to counteract the evidence I've seen 8 months ago that the COVID test results currently known to US citizens do not catch all the cases of COVID. For instance, they often give false negatives, and they are often not designed or capable of finding the disease in a large number of its stages. Another example is that the tests often fail to identify who has had the disease, or who has the types of resistance to the disease that makes them more immune. What all this means to me is that I think it's very likely, my guess, 85% to 97% of the population had the disease within just over half a year of it being released (October 2019 - April 2020). One probable conclusion from that is that the disease has run its course for most people, and only those of us with bad genes and/or other health dispositions (me included, I think because of my age and genes) need to worry about being extra resilient to COVID. (I also consider it likely that the amount of initial exposure has a lot to do with how bad a sickness can get.) My top theory that I consider most likely is that the best way to stay resilient to COVID is to (a) keep catching new versions of it every 2 to 5 weeks, AND (b) take zinc with a zinc ionophor (hydroxychloroquine, green tea, quercetin, or maybe quinine), and vitamin D and vitamin C, as well as put more effort into staying healthy, AND (c) use hand washing and masks as a way to titrate the level of exposure to COVID so that any exposures I do receive do not trigger big sickness. So, if I've been too clean lately, I go try to expose myself a little, and if I've been too dirty, I wash, cleanse, sanitize, wear masks, and get clean air more until the levels are just right.

Do we know any of this? Far more than the Fake News says, but nothing is 100%. Has it been working for me? YES. I got super seriously ill with what was likely COVID in March 2020, and didn't know about vitamin D, zinc + zinc ionophors, and ivermectin, but I did know about HCQ but the Demon Rats didn't let us use it (because they want USA citizens to die I think, but of course they seldom admit this to their intended victims). I got very ill with what had all the signs of COVID: a traveling sickness that did all the things the reports said happen, except oddly enough for lung symptoms. I had heart problems, muscle problems, brain problems, and a few others that I forget about. However, I'm not sure I had it since both my standard LabCorp test and the Sero test came back negative, but both of them were taken at bad times, and I don't think the COVID nasal test works that well for people who don't have lung or nasal symptoms (which I did NOT have).

If you look at what I consider most likely above, you realize that I do not support government lockdowns (illegal per 4th and 14th amendments) or mask mandates (ditto), and definitely don't support medical drug restrictions (likely also illegal per Bill of Rights). Look at what I said about masks: sometimes I wear them to get less exposure to COVID on purpose, and sometimes I don't wear masks to get MORE exposure to COVID on purpose, BOTH SO I DO NOT DIE YOUNGER. Did you see that coming? I sure did. I don't fall for the fake news or manipulations of extremists.


(P.S., yes, I skipped Q from P to R since there is a psychotic lying fake group called "Q" that I didn't want to be associated with, but this message seems sufficiently non-"Q"-like that I can use up the letter before I get too far away from its slot.)