October 29, 2020

Farmers invented and refined machines to pick produce in the 1970s and 1980s. Farming already has baked into it that the economics are machine picking, but with the Communist Party that made agreements with farmers to have the communists steal the jobs of machines and those who build the machines. Who would invent and build farm picking machines? I think those good at physics movements: black athletes today, and many unemployed black people. I know many people from all thoughts and walks of life would have done that work. But it is a fallacy that machines don't employ people: the machines needed inventing and tending themselves, and could leverage the work of farms. That's baked into the economics of farms since the 1970s, and fully implemented by the 1990s. The fact the communists stole that from farms doesn't make farming work any more rudimentary: the rudimentariness of farming is an unnatural temporary unsustainable communism that will disappear once any real stress is put on the farming economic system. I think right now the unnatural communism of farming is being upheld by a patchwork of communist agremeents even to this day. When we allow farmers to use machines to pick their farms again and they aren't killed for doing so, then we can escape the communists crapping on our farms and finally employ our citizens designing and building farm machines.

Farm work is not a good example of manual labor. Communists turned farm work manual. We don't need farm workers any more than we need Louisiana flood victims moving into Section 8 housing around the country.

We can't go back to a time when farms are a natural part of manual labor in a modern economic system that has people smart enough to physically figure out how to build farm picking machines.

Any representation farm picking has to do with manual labor today is a relic and not part of the ground truth of the physical economic farm reality.

Source: a 1970s video by the Salinas Communist party aired in the middle of the night in the 1980s on the "public access" cable channels. They actually bragged about making agreements with farmers not to use machine picking.



I got the idea to write that from this, which reminded me of this:


I fear a black and white binary differentiation between labor and intellectual pursuits would create thought jobs into being chained prison-style to a desk to do IRS-type tax code work that ruins the brain by age 5, and create manual labor work that could achieve nothing because they are incapable of doing any real physical work since they are whipped by a slavemaster who doesn't allow them to think and would likewise likely die by 5 years old (your "smart" vs "agrarian" example). That caused me to write this, which includes some of my recent thoughts that about 15% of retiring black athletes would be great at helping Elon Musk build car making factories since they would athletically know how to make fast robots throwing and manipulating materials around in the car making industry, and how that applies to farming: