November 10, 2020

Yesterday I went to work for one day at a university* my father briefly went to. I have questions about that, too. My father quit (dropped out) because he didn't want to become a soul-sucking lawyer, according to what I was told. But I want to explore that further. I need to find some old people to interview about that.

I haven't been to that campus a lot since the 1980s. A lot has changed dramatically.

I haven't been working with anyone until a few weeks ago since the end of January. I haven't seen the world from the point of view of working since then. For instance, the town where that University is located is a dystopian ghost town now. It used to be somewhat vibrant.

At that university, university children (or someone) had surrounded the university police station earlier this year and were protesting to what I was told. But I about BLM. I asked my coworker what the BLM protests were about, and my coworker explained to me it was about George Floyd. I had forgotten who that is, so I asked, and he explained to me it was the guy who the police held on the ground by his neck. I then remembered: it was the car bumper video, which I didn't finish watching because it was only a partial view, I could not see the full event, it was something I've been addressing for decades, and it was negative. My coworker said there were other videos from other angles, too. He said BLM was a protest about all lives matter (his words), that police shouldn't be killing people (my words). He used his cousin killed by police two weeks ago as an example. I said I'd like to know more about his cousin who probably had fewer issues than rapist thief drug addict inappropriately acting G. Floyd. (I said only rapist drug addict "plus other issues, about 5 issues" to my coworker.) He paused and said his cousin was also schizophrenic. But he said that his cousin was only jaywalking.

I know there's other sides, but my coworker also said the body cams for the police are not released, but the family keeps asking for them.

I asked if anything is published in the news. He said no. I said I am afraid of there being no public information about who is killed, killed by police or killed by anyone. I said there needs to be a place where everyone who is killed should be made public information. (I've often said online I want all health information made public instantly and always, especially that which threatens t he health of the persons, by We the People need, so we can catch systemic murderers and health crisis in our neighborhoods. I didn't say that to him.)

I mentioned Facebook covering it up. He said there should be a balance of information posted at Facebook.

That was most of the conversation.

This is what was missing from the conversation:

At no point did he ever say it was anti-Trump. I never asked or brought up Trump. Neither of us even brought up Trump in any way. (In my area, convention is that Trump is a forbidden conversation among strangers which includes work.)

I know the violence in BLM and Antifa are anti-USA, and by fiat anti-Trump. I know some people in those groups attack Trump supporters. But that was not present of mind on my coworker's description of the protests to explain that they were anti-Trump. I know many of the people at BLM/Antifa protests were "anti-Trump", but what I want to know now is, how much? How much of that was a sort of loose associati on of thoughts in young inexperienced peoples' minds, and how much of that was concrete (misunderstanding) thoughts? I feel like this piece of information is missing from me, since I only know of the protesters from online view.

Don't worry: I'm not switching sides in any way. I ask how much of this was done to excommunicate those of us who would otherwise see a potential to talk to people and have them realize Trump is better. Online we were told all the crazies were uncorrectable. Were those only the worst people, and most of the people are more reasonable, even the stupid protesters? Or was my coworker the 1 00% brainwashed person? Somehow I doubt that. Maybe 98% brainwashed, or even 95% brainwashed. Not 100%.

That I think is one of the biggest psy-ops committed on our people, that we cannot communicate with each other (without fake narratives and censorship intermediaries during "COVID", even giving our side the wrong impressions).

Anyone here have any theories?

I should save this thread before it gets somehow ... lost.

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* [Note: I cannot reveal it now while I am still working. I will update this post with that data later.]



This makes me wonder if this is an exception. Did we miss this because of something, maybe even pattern matching? The potential fakeness I'm asking about is the limited view we see from online.