November 22, 2020

How many of you have experienced being the "out" one on the playground in government elementary schools? I have many times.

How many of you have, in that circumstance, tried to declare some new great thing, gotten some attention by some kids, and then experience the sabotage that happens after? You become awash in counteracting forces that erode and wash away your ability to use logic and truth, and everyone leaves you, with the mob pointing and chanting at you if you speak up.

That's truth.

I mean, that's truth in how it all happens.

There is no one on your side saying "oh, this little piece of logic actually makes sense on your side". Don't expect there to be a knight in shining armour saying "oh, yes, you had enough evidence, and you should expect this to be easy to prove". Every bit of evidence, fake, true, good, bad, useful, not useful, will be discounted as irrelevant as the mob briefly points and demolishes whatever claim of credibility you want.

That in no way makes the evidence, however unlikely or likely, however true or not true, in itself a determiner of its integrity or truthfulness. Just keep going with what you can figure out, and use ground truth to align yourself away from the qtards, blamtifas, and sick deep staters (those so sick they claim "government, China Communist Party, and globalists are always right") of the world.