November 27, 2020

Consider the likelihoods in context. If you like, consider the likelihood of everything I am about to say, and compare it to your guess of the likelihood of it two decades ago and four decades ago when your understanding of the world was being formed.

(Do the same for others.)

Poison and other infirmities can be delivered en-masse via food and other means. I discuss one of those means right now. While I consider it more likely that any such attacks would be done via simpler means than some complicated vaccine, it is at least a healthy thought excersize to consider what happens if they try it with a vaccine. By the way, if a program was introduced into our bodies that made us sick for 4 days each time we got it and required 3 shots, but that was instead turned into some type of food delivery mechanism, that food would be removed from the shelves, and it would be hard to guarantee who received what doses of it.

Technology advances. There was a time that vaccines were generally good for us, and it was hard to design vaccines which would become a computer-screen or radio-frequency activated poison or other control drug which can be activated by an Apple or Google app or special beam. Today many well financed groups are fast getting to (or got to) the point they are able to do such things. They could literally program our death at whim, or with more research, more complicated reactions. Like the election, these stats can be hidden. Unlike the election, HIPAA makes it a felony for there to be observers watching medical stats. Even with legally mandated observers in public elections, they were able to hide stats. Think what they could do with a regime run by globalist hospitals in which it is a felony to audit their stats or gossip about the data.

The question of whether vaccines should be mandatory in 1905 has different data inputs than the same question asked in 2025, 2015, or even 2020. We have seen the anti-USA forces lie to us about how many COVID deaths there are, all covered up with anti-First Amendment statutes in HIPAA that threaten "felony" if we actually audit the hospitals and globalists by naturally gossiping about the health status of our brethren so that we may protect ourselves. (In our case, our brethren is We the People, citizens of USA.) The anti-USA lie system is complete. They lie about every facet of globalist corporate interactions with We the People. The best case reaction to that is allowing some portion, let's say 100%, of our population to refuse any vaccines developed under any such regime, even if the POTUS loves us and does not know about this (since Trump is great at loving humanity, construction, and negotiating with people, but he's not good at building tech and science, and like many of us has difficulty fathoming the idea of not loving humanity or the actions of evil).

I have no doubt there can be, and are, medical wonders now. But tell me honestly what you think of the goodness of the pharmaceutical corporations and their regard for USA citizens with your personal experience with COVID. Then, remove your entire experience of how much you trust medical facilities you gained before HIPAA was passed and enforced by globalist hospitals, because none of it applies since that point in time; the checks and balances of anything before HIPAA were potentially far greater than after HIPAA was passed and its concepts enforced (although I bet they were hiding some (unmeasurable) measure of medical outcomes before HIPAA was enforced, passed, or even written).

To recap some of my experiences: I know pharmaceutical globalists knew HCQ+Zinc works to cure COVID, is completely safe by practical measures, and would make any vaccine irrelevant and unnecessary, even more dangerous in comparison. I know that once someone has COVID (well over half the population), we maintain better immunity by going out into public and interacting. I know that they have lied and cheated for votes, and have lied and cheated for medical stats. I am certain of this because they censored actual evidence to the contrary.

I never fly on planes. I cannot be trapped in a place without reason. I can hardly be trapped in a place with a reason, but there is a narrow exception that if the plane is operating properly, I can force myself to. That was all removed when plane companies started keeping people imprisoned in planes for hours on tarmacs in order to goose their "on-time" stats. They started this when there was an armed federal agent available to kill anybody "causing trouble". Yet, in that precise situation, I would open an escape hatch and leave. I realized at that moment that I will never go on such planes again. I am responsible for my actions and will not do that to anyone, least of all, myself.

But, others do fly on planes. They put up with that. I do not. Will they lord over me that they are able to take the vaccine for their travels, so why don't I? I consider their admonitions immaterial to me.

Everyone should home school. We learned that communists run our tax recipient schools and brainwash our children. The insane power communists have over our children if we let them go to government schools is insane to inflict on our children, and we should not do such. Those who have brainwashed Marxists marching to and from school and got all the vaccines due to mandatory school rules will similarly lord over us, saying there is something "wrong" with us for not being Marxists, for not taking the vaccines.

Ok. Us "oldsters" who have already been to school and not had the vaccine requirement and realize we aren't going to become prisoners on a tin can on a piece of tarmac might not ever have a need to fly or go to school. But they'll start finding other excuses to vaccinate us. Once they have all the airplane flyers and school children, they know they can have a lot of power quickly. But what if they wanted more power more quickly? For instance, they could try to outlaw homeschool, and start requiring vaccines for anybody that steps foot in Safeway.

If you want my opinion, I say to diversify your personal security portfolio. Also, as much as I hate this because I think it breeds a low class society if privacy spreads past things that are truly private (our relationships and thoughts) into affairs that have no business being private (our medical outcomes), if the globalists are using privacy against us, maybe we should also use privacy against them in return and hide our movements from computers. Only go to small businesses. Make friends with the owners. If you find out they are anti-cash, prefer the businesses that are not anti-cash. Eventually the pro-globalist businesses will require you to submit, too.

Buy land and farm it. Do not take no for an answer. We have a right to farm our land. And trade the goods that we get from that farm without anyone else knowing (although find a legal way to pay legitimate taxes without them knowing about your pure food). We do not want them forcing us to be their slaves just because we share food with neighbors.

And yes, make friends. Stop staring at this computer screen for at least part of the day, maybe someday never trusting computers again.


P.S., don't get me started on the difference between an independent minded cyborg and a borg cyborg. We can talk about that next year, or later this year. One thing at a time.



November 27, 2020

As if someone was following up on my "how much do we trust pharmaceutical companies after COVID lies" contextual consideration above, this came out today; I need someone to verify, since it came from a Fake News source:

"In a 2017 presentation, according to the records, which were filed in court on behalf of multiple state attorneys general, McKinsey laid out several options to shore up sales. One was to give Purdue's distributors a rebate for every OxyContin overdose attributable to pills they sold," The Times reported. "The presentation estimated how many customers of companies including CVS and Anthem might overdose. It projected that in 2019, for example, 2,484 CVS customers would either have an overdose or develop an opioid use disorder. A rebate of $14,810 per `event' meant that Purdue would pay CVS $36.8 million that year."

I've had several I-told-you-so moments in the million or more murdered from fentanyl and other opiates in our country, most having to do with my claim that people are being paid to murder us. I was already proven right when they found out Iran, ISIS, and China were doing exactly that. (Even further back in 1992, 1995, and 2005, I was the first person I know saying possibly hundreds of thousands or millions of us were being murdered by this, and at that time, people called me a conspiracy theorist for just saying that! That's another I-told-you-so moment for this hidden war.) I stand by my assertion drug dealing should be a fast hard capital crime. Let's use bullets and charge the families for the bullets used. This is a war, so that also offers the additional legal possibility just to shoot drug dealers upon discovery as enemy soldiers. I've been advocating that for years. Of course, I was referring to those who carry needles and pills outside of pharmacies. Pharmacies should be handle by law enforcement to stop them as well.

The way we prevent this happening to ourselves is (1) never let anyone with a needle near us, even if we let our guard down for any reason; (2) fight them to the death if they try to jab us with that needle; (3) tell doctors never to write prescriptions for opiates, and have doctors delete any written from their computers making them impossible to use, and same for pharmacies. My stupid dentist sent a script without my consent, so I immediately had it deleted on the spot and a note made never to allow such a thing. I've never needed opiates even though I am super susceptable to extreme pain in a way almost no one is, and I've had various surgeries and medical problems that can cause pain. I've always been able to handle those things with water, an ibuprofen, aspirin, and sleep. That means opiates are a lie through and through, because they are actually useless.

While updating this doc, that reminded me of something: when I was reading the AZT studies back around the late 1980s and early 1990s when AIDS came out and AZT was starting to be used en masse, I realized none of the data said AZT helped, and I realized that all the data said it is a poison. Despite that, it was being pushed to everyone. I started telling everyone I knew. (I knew a few people with HIV or AIDS back then.) Years later, people realized I was right, and finally stopped using it. Fast forward to 2020. I just learned Fauci was pushing AZT back then even though there were no studies showing it works back in the 1980s or whenever AZT came out. He did the same thing this year with Remdesivir. Fauci is a mass murderer. If I had known the connection, I would have said something. I likely forgot some of the bread crumbs from that era. Moral of the story: Fake News and the globalist government establishment forces are so anti-USA that they are at actual war against us and killing us. Oh, and Trump works for us; we don't work for Trump. Sometimes our employee makes mistakes. He works for free, anyway, so give him a bit of slack, but we should help him out a lot more than we do. He even asked for that help when he passed our job interview back in November 2016. We should have told him not to trust Fauci. But since I don't own a TV, I wasn't seeing all the lies and completely forgot to cross check those lying Satans. Trump would not have helped nor kept Fauci nearby had he known how evil he was. We need to do better!!!!!